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The Ionian Islands

Located on the west coastline of Greece, the Ionian Islands offer a friendly and unique sailing experience. Known for their crystal blue waters and the numerous scenic bays, they provide the ideal destination for a memorable holiday. A cluster of islands that can offer you anything from a busy town center to a beautiful secluded bay to drop your anchor.


Yacht base in Lefkada


Lefkada has one of the most developed infrastructure regarding yachting services. Even though it is an island it can be accessed by car though a small bridge to the mainland. As one of the biggest Ionian Islands, it has never seized to amaze its visitors. Places like Porto Katsiki, Kathisma and Egremni, on the west coast, stand out for their turquoise waters and breathtaking landscape. Nidri, Sivota and Agios Nikitas are some of the villages where you can enjoy delicious food and are worth visiting. Do not miss out on Vasiliki if you want to get a taste of the local nightlife.


Distance from Lefkada Marina: 62.0NM

​Corfu is the second biggest island in the Ionian and one of the most popular islands of the country. Its Venetian style creates a cosmopolitan feeling which in addition to its traditional charachter attracts visitors from all over the world. Paleokastritsa, Nissaki and Agios Gordios are some of the famous beaches of the island. Last but not least, make sure you visit the Old Town.



Distance from Lefkada Marina: 33.9NM

A few miles away from the south tip of Corfu is the exotic island of Paxi. Despite the proximity, Paxi offers a calm environment which is greatly appreciated by those seeking a relaxing holiday. The highlight of the island is its transparent blue waters which explains the uncountable yachts mooring in its ports. Noone should miss a visit to the uninhabited islet of Antipaxi and enjoy a great swim at Voutoumi beach. 


Distance from Lefkada Marina: 24.8NM

Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands, offering numerous beaches to drop your anchor and also the opportunity to go sightseeing. Fiskardo is the most cosmopolitan village of the island receiving a large number of yachts daily during summer. For those seeking a quieter place to make their stop, the answer is Poros. A small village close to the southern tip of the island, where you can enjoy delicious food and get a good rest.


Distance from Lefkada Marina: 63.8NM

Zakinthos, the island with the crystal blue waters and the silky sand beaches. One of the best options to spend your summer holidays in Greece. Just pick a place, drop your anchor and swim next to the Caretta Caretta sea turtles. Enjoy scuba diving in underwater caves and make a stop at the famous Navagio beach where enthusiasts test their skills in skydiving. 


Distance from Lefkada Marina: 10.6NM

Located between Lefkada, just opposite Nydri, and the western mainland of Greece, Meganisi is an island with interesting morphology. There are only three villages located on the northern part of the island, Vathi, Katomeri  and Spartoxori, with the former being the most popular destination for yachts. The municipality of Meganisi includes the famous private island Scorpios, owned by the Onassis family until 2013, which was then sold to the daughter of a Russian billionaire.​


Distance from Lefkada Marina: 28.4NM

Ithaca, also known as the mythical home of Odysseus, is an island characterized by its rich greenery and laid-back style of living. Places like Kioni and Vathi, provide travelers with picturesque sceneries, while the beaches of Gidaki and Filiatro are the ideal places to enjoy a good swim.

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